Book II

Soulene, a novice healer living in Medieval Aquitaine, continues her adventures in Book II of the Soulene Trilogy. As Soulene’s healing skills increase, the young healer is given more responsibility. She takes on the role of mentor to an orphaned young girl with a very special gift. Soulene also becomes an assistant midwife, and helps bring a royal baby into the world!

Later, she travels with her horse and two dogs, Henri and Marchand, to an apprenticeship in Colmar. The remote town on the German border is experiencing an outbreak of a terrifying new illness. Can Soulene help solve the mystery of the disease, and save the stricken townsfolk?

Meanwhile, Soulene continues a correspondence with the handsome knight Sir Charles — but will it ever develop into something serious?

“Soulene: The Art of the Red Heart Healers” is the second book in the Soulene Trilogy. In telling the story of the teenage healer, author Ursula Pearson weaves a rich portrait of life in Medieval France. The book is available on the Kindle, iPad, and Nook, and as a paperback.

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