Book III

Soulene III - Winner of the IPNE 2016 Young Adult AwardSoulene, a young healer living in 12th-century France, comes to Paris in Book III of the Soulene Trilogy. She is now ready for formal training at St. Bartholomew’s, one of the great hospitals of the city. While dealing with the prickly personalities of the instructors and her fellow trainees, Soulene must prove her skills and ingenuity in the operating room. Later, she is assigned to a clinic serving a poor neighborhood in Paris. However, her plans are thrown into disarray when a fearsome scarred knight from Britain picks up her trail, threatening Soulene and her beloved Sir Charles. But a mysterious underworld boss has other ideas …

Soulene: A Healer in Paris is authored by Ursula Pearson, and is the winner of the Independent Publishers of New England 2016 Award for Young Adult Fiction.

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